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Our business cards are essential tools for managing your customer interactions. A well-designed, catchy business card will help people remember you and the services you offer. GoClickPrint makes it easy to design and print your own cards at a competitive price.

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How would you like to design your Business Cards

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  • - Have your own designer

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  • - Customise every detail

A business card is a small card for potential clients to keep with them in their wallet or pocket and to refer to when they need your services. The appearance of the card has a direct effect on how it is perceived and how people will react to it, which is why choosing an appropriate design is essential. A good business card should do more than just provide the necessary contact details such as your name, company name, email and phone number. It should also feature your logo prominently to reinforce your brand.

These cards carry information about you and your business, the choice of which has a direct effect on how it looks when it is delivered to potential clients. Business cards are used for marketing purposes by small companies and large corporations alike as they help to build an image for your brand. In networking activities, they can be exchanged between the members of the organization with each other to improve their image among people who know them.

GoClickPrint Editor makes it simple to design and order your business cards. Simply pick your finish, paper stock, size and quantity. Choose from our free templates and select your design or upload your artwork. Once done editing just checkout, We’ll print and ship them out for you.


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Gloss or Matte Finish?
  • Gloss finish is typically more durable than standard unpolished materials since the gloss finish includes more thickness to the material. They are also more dust and moisture resistant.
  • Matte cards have a clean and smooth surface that complements muted colours and patterns effectively. Furthermore, a matte surface eliminates glare from the materials and allows you to add writing with ink on the material
What Are Layers?
  • Drag and drop to sort layers and change layers of items
  • Layer position can be dragged to different positions.
  • The layers can be deleted selected objects or entirely.
  • The scroll can be created when multiple layers exist.
  • Certain buttons are used to quickly change the layer’s position.
  • The layer can be displayed or hidden easily.
Add Barcode?
  • You can create barcode and then add to your design
  • Text or barcodes can be added into the picture.
  • The barcode can be zoomed in and out.
  • The barcode can be moved or rotated.
Add QR Code?
  • You can create QR code to add to your design
  • Text or QR codes can be added into the picture.
  • The picture can be zoomed.
  • The picture can be moved or rotated.
Can I Draw Instead?
  • You can use as many available brushes to draw, you can create your own signature.
  • Drawing brushes such as pencil, circle, spray, pattern, square, texture are available for different choices.
  • Brush and brush width colour can be changed.
  • Add available geometrics as rectangle, circle, triangle, line and polygon. And can change colour, rotate, opacity.
  • The picture can be turned or zoomed.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.

Please be advised the drawing feature may not work depending on the capability of your device. We Recommend downloading as PDF to check if clear quality for printing.

Can I Upload My Images?
  • You can select many images from different sources like Facebook or enter the image’s URL.
  • A picture can be uploaded from local, URL or social network such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Temporarily saved uploaded files for later use.
  • The uploaded file types as PNG, JPG, GIF. With the maximum size of 5MB.
  • Cliparts can be zoomed or rotated.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow colour also can be changeable.
  • Picture’s opacity can be customized.
  • Four types of the quick-changing picture are available.
  • Picture crop styles are varied such as crop tool, lasso tool, clipart shape, round or star shape, etc. The picture can be reset back to its origin.
Are Cliparts Available?
  • You can add clipart, change colours, move, resize, rotate and delete clipart, flip, centre function and so on
  • clipart’s colour can be customized. It not only gives an easy way to manage colour but also allows customers to change the colour of each clipart on this image
  • clipart can be rotated and changed its opacity.
  • clipart can be zoomed in or zoomed out.
  • clipart can be moved or deleted.
  • Multiple clipart can be added.
Can I Edit The Text

Yes, you can add text with various colours, fonts, and sizes. Especially, you can curve text in the design and edit anything of text as a shadow, pattern, rotate, opacity, outline, line height, background, etc.

  • Any text and font are available for your choice.
  • There are plenty of fonts being included in Font Category, you can find it by pressing More button.
  • Font style includes italic, bold, underline with the full type of alignment such as left, centre, right or justified.
  • Font colour is varied.
  • Text background is available and changeable.
  • Text pattern is available.
  • Creating text shadow according to dimension X or Y. Shadow blur, opacity, shadow colour also can be changeable.
  • Line height, font size and opacity are changeable.
  • Outline’s colour and size are changeable.
  • Text layer can be measured.
  • Text can be turned, curved or rotated/reversed.
  • Spacing is changeable.
  • Default style such as arc, straight, small to large, large to small top, large to small bottom is changeable.
How would you like to design your

Upload a full design

  • - Have a complete design
  • - Have your own designer

Design here online

  • - Already have your concept
  • - Customise every detail

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